The kaleidoscope of colors that stretch across our landscapes tells a story of everyday beauty. Everything from the pops of red and purple in fruits like pomegranates and berries to the lush greens of plant life prove that art is all around us.
An oval rubellite of over 69 carats is a dramatic focal point of this platinum and diamond pendant. A subtle 18k yellow gold staple binds the diamond ribbons.
A versatile design that can be worn as a one or two-strand necklace glows with over 22 total carats of round esteemed Russian demantoid garnets and over 34 total carats of mixed-cut diamonds.
Victoria Wirth Reynolds on the Demantoid and Diamond Necklace
A cushion-cut unenhanced ruby of over 6 carats is accentuated by half-moon diamonds in this platinum and 18k yellow gold ring. This classic high jewelry design is housed in a contemporary 18k yellow gold vessel crafted in the form of a pomegranate.
The unenhanced ruby of over 6 carats is as bright and succulent as the color of the pomegranate itself.”
—Victoria Wirth Reynolds, Tiffany & Co. Chief Gemologist & Vice President, High Jewelry
Victoria Wirth Reynolds on the Ruby Ring and Pomegranate Vessel
The bold combination of emerald-cut rubellites, of over 124 total carats, and cushion-cut amethysts, of over 23 total carats, makes this necklace pop with color. Square diamonds of over 5 total carats bring this 18k yellow gold piece to life.
The honeycomb vessel reveals a very special gemstone—a bright, honey-colored unenhanced orange sapphire of over 7 carats.”
—Victoria Wirth Reynolds, Tiffany & Co. Chief Gemologist & Vice President, High Jewelry
This ring and vessel reimagine classic bee motifs, blending visionary design with Tiffany’s renowned craftsmanship. An oval unenhanced orange sapphire of over 7 carats is expertly nestled within the ring’s mixed-cut diamond wings.
Victoria Wirth Reynolds on the Orange Sapphire Ring and Honeycomb Vessel
Visions of azure blue seas and the electric color swatches of underwater fauna are the inspiration for this theme’s deep dive into aquatic life—elevating the hues found beneath the ocean’s surface in stunning high jewelry designs.
Uplifting the unexpected, an electric blue cuprian elbaite tourmaline of over 11 carats makes for an entrancing center stone on this exceptional platinum and diamond ring. The ring is housed in a starfish vessel handcrafted entirely from 18k yellow gold.
When you hold the vessel, it feels like you’ve discovered it in nature.”
—Victoria Wirth Reynolds, Tiffany & Co. Chief Gemologist & Vice President, High Jewelry
Emerald-cut green tourmalines totaling over 77 carats are nothing short of extraordinary on this high jewelry tour de force. The verdant gemstones alternate with trapezoid diamonds that transition into graduated custom-cut sapphires of over 29 total carats.
This vividly colored ring showcases an octagonal unenhanced esteemed Columbian emerald of over 6 carats and custom-cut diamonds, encased in a sculptural sterling silver and 18k yellow gold vessel that was handcrafted to resemble a turtle shell.
The rare, octagonal emerald of over 6 carats displays a brilliant sea-green color and is surrounded by 16 custom-cut diamonds.”
—Victoria Wirth Reynolds, Tiffany & Co. Chief Gemologist & Vice President, High Jewelry
A vibrant and extremely rare Melo Melo pearl of over 95 carats is a magnificent drop on this 18k yellow gold diamond pendant. It can take years to acquire a Melo Melo pearl of this quality.
Capturing the sea’s enigmatic wonder, this captivating ring showcases an oval cabochon unenhanced purple star sapphire of over 12 carats, accented by rose-cut diamonds and gold elements. The sterling silver and 18k yellow gold vessel that holds it, intricately beaded and punctured with holes, also evokes the spirit of nautical life.
The hand-spun sea urchin vessel is meticulously perforated and punctuated with individually set gold beads. Artisans drilled holes and cast rivets for an aesthetic that recalls the spiny sea creature.
This ring showcases what is known as a star sapphire, meaning it has needle-like inclusions in a parallel arrangement. Star sapphires meeting Tiffany’s high standards for quality are extremely rare.
Exceptionally colored cushion-cut aquamarines of over 139 total carats and cushion-cut yellow beryls of over 121 total carats are the focal point of this contemporary necklace. Interspersed between the gemstones are geometric 18k yellow gold-framed rock crystal panels, each showcasing an important oval diamond which is seemingly floating atop the surface.
As the earth sculpts layers upon layers of rock that culminate in geological masterpieces, it seems the randomness of nature is anything but accidental.
These diamond-intensive designs are evidence of the artistry that starts deep within our planet’s core.
An exquisite juxtaposition of mixed-cut diamonds, this platinum and diamond necklace of over 58 total carats evokes the fluidity of a ribbon as if tied by hand.
This 18k yellow gold and platinum ring showcases a rare oval cabochon black opal of over 7 carats. The ring radiates with an impressive play of color, accented with pavé diamonds encircling the center stone.
Victoria Wirth Reynolds on the Black Opal Ring and Lava Rock Vessel
The black opal ring is housed in a handcrafted vessel constructed from over 40 sheets of sterling silver.”
—Victoria Wirth Reynolds, Tiffany & Co.
Chief Gemologist & Vice President, High Jewelry
This showstopping necklace is animated by seven colorful gemstone varieties. Totaling over 278 carats, the impressive design showcases cushion-cut, oval and emerald-cut aquamarines; tanzanites; pink, orange and green tourmalines; a rubellite and a morganite.
Victoria Wirth Reynolds on the Colored Gemstone Necklace
Tiffany artisans transformed rock crystal into this incredible vessel that is inspired by the crystalline structure of a rough diamond before it is cut. The vessel opens to reveal a diamond ring showcasing a breathtaking square emerald-cut diamond of over 10 carats.
Custom-cut diamonds evoke the geometric forms of the Art Deco style as they frame the striking center diamond.
This striking diamond pendant culminates in a D color, internally flawless marquise diamond of over 21 carats that appears as if magically suspended. Our newest motif, the staple, is reimagined in diamonds that bind the necklace together above the impressive drop.
These head-turning designs are inspired by the world above: a collage of the colors found in everything from sunsets and sunrises to winged creatures that inhabit the sky and the transformations birds make as they go from nest to new heights.
This majestic butterfly brooch in 18k yellow gold is a masterful juxtaposition of color with purple sapphires and diamonds set in the cracked-ice cut that Tiffany introduced in 2018. The gold hinge allows this versatile brooch to be worn in four wing positions that evoke the motion of flight.
Diamond and purple sapphire “tailfeathers” wrap around the neck and culminate in a spectacular suite of blue, purple and pink spinels totaling over 81 carats. This necklace, with its unique mix of unexpected cuts and colors, dramatically plunges down the neckline.
It took over a year to curate this palette of spinels.”
—Victoria Wirth Reynolds, Tiffany & Co. Chief Gemologist & Vice President, High Jewelry
An oval fancy vivid yellow diamond of over 5 carats is cradled by custom-cut baguette diamonds that evoke wings on this masterful platinum and 18k yellow gold ring. The egg-shaped vessel, handcrafted at the Tiffany hollowware workshop, cleverly reinforces the avian theme.
The sterling silver and 18k yellow gold egg-shaped vessel was created using the spinning technique, where silversmiths take a flat piece of metal and form it into a hollow vessel.  
The fancy vivid yellow diamond appears as if it is hovering between the diamond wings.
This revolutionary design sculpted from carved white agate evokes a bird whose 18k yellow gold wing, expertly tucked under the agate, radiates with custom-cut baguette and round brilliant diamonds of over 9 total carats. The versatile piece can be worn as a brooch or a pendant.
Sculpted from white agate, this brooch is bought to life with custom-cut diamonds.”
—Victoria Wirth Reynolds, Tiffany & Co. Chief Gemologist & Vice President, High Jewelry
Victoria Wirth Reynolds on the Bird Brooch
The rich, warm palette of this 18k yellow gold dragonfly brooch is enlivened by custom-cut multicolor sapphires of over 39 total carats and mixed-cut diamonds of over 5 total carats set in a honeycomb pattern, evoking the symmetrical geometry found in winged creatures.
An emerald-cut unenhanced yellow sapphire of over 11 carats is the striking centerpiece of this remarkable baguette diamond bracelet totaling over 26 carats. Bold staples in 18k yellow gold-a signature Tiffany motif-bind the diamond strands together.
This yellow sapphire possesses a vibrant, saturated yellow with a hint of orange. It is uncommon to find an unenhanced yellow sapphire with the depth of color seen in this stone.